A Pair of Sneakers
Season 2, Episode 11
A Pair of Sneakers
Air date August 1, 2012
Written by Kara Lee Burk
Directed by Linda Mendoza
Episode guide
"Pretty Big Liars"
"Mother of All Problems"

A Pair of Sneakers is the eleventh episode in season two of Melissa & Joey, and the 41st episode of the overall series. It first aired on August 1, 2012.


Mel and Lennox are arguing over their driving lesson arrangements. They both think that the other person is the worst driver. Joe offers to give Lennox driving lessons instead, but Mel wants to be the one to teach her niece. He then goes behind her back and takes Lennox for a drive. She ends up hitting a mailbox and denting Mel's car, with Joe taking the blame for her. Meanwhile, Joe had stumbled into Ryder having a photo session with Mel's shoes and sticking his arm into her pantyhose, resulting in weird looks. It turned out that Mel had agreed to give Ryder community service hours in exchange for him going through her wardrobe for flawed clothing and they decided to keep it from Joe.


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