Dani Mancini Longo
Gender Female
Age 13
Family & Friends
Parents Joe Longo and Felicia Mancini
Siblings Lennox Scanlon (Step-Cousin)

Ryder Scanlon (Step-Cousin) Marco (Cousin)

Production Information
Portrayed by Jada Facer

Dani Mancini Longo is the previously estranged daughter of Joe Longo and his former flame Felicia Mancini. She is portrayed by Jada Facer.

After a New Year's party after Joey Graduated, hosted by his sister Theresa, he had a fling with Felicia Mancini (who at the time, lived down the street). Deciding to keep their daughter a secret, Felicia moved to Fort Wayne and swore Theresa to secrecy. Theresa had kept the secret for fourteen years until accidentally letting it slip after a night of drinking at Mel's bachelorette party. She tried to keep it just between her and Mel as best she could but at the altar on their wedding day after a vow of honesty from Joe, Mel told him about his 'secret daughter'.

Having ditched the wedding, Melissa and Joey went to Dani and Felicia's house, only to find that Dani was at school. At a bake sale, they looked for her and it was by her persuasive and enthusiastic business tactics that Mel recognized her.

After introducing himself, it was revealed that the story her mother had given about 'Madona's gay backup dancer that donated sperm' was a lie. And then after the yelling and confronting was over, Mel and Joey went home, closely followed by Dani in a taxi ride that cost near $400. She'd first tried to pay with real gold earrings (that she stole from her mum).

When Felicia came to sort it out, Joe offered to let Dani stay with him while Felicia was on tour (fulfilling her career as an acupuncturist for rock bands) not knowing it was Cheap Tricks' 6 month long Nation wide tour.

Melissa, who'd been fasting for the whole week for her twice post-poned wedding, went off at Joey; Not for asking Dani to stay, but for making such a huge life altering decision without including her in it. Later, when Joe explained that Mel'd gone to be alone and think about everything, Gloria reasoned that she had already been stuck with raising two children she didn't want, not knowing that Dani had heard only that small part of the conversation and assumed they wanted her to leave.

After much searching, they realised Dani (much in the tradition of teenage girls in their house) was hiding on the roof. Mel, after finally eating something solid and not made almost entirely of Kale, explained that she was happy to have her as part of their family. Mel tried to pick up a lucky penny she had found, but Mel fell off the roof, and broke her foot.

Instead of the makeshift wedding they'd planned, Mel and Joe were married in a hospital room and Dani was included in their immediate family picture.