From Russia with Love
Season 2, Episode 14
From Russia with Love
Air date August 22, 2012
Written by Jennifer Glickman
Directed by Rob Schiller
Episode guide
"Wherefore Art Thou Lennox"
"Mel Marries Joe"

From Russia with Love is the fourteenth episode in season two of Melissa & Joey, and the 44th episode of the overall series. It first aired on August 22, 2012.


While things are heating up between Joe and Elena, Mel dislikes this sudden interruption in her household, with Elena getting in the way of Joe's responsibilities. Ryder volunteers to be Lennox's guinea pig for a study on what their school's vending machine junk food does to students. Later, Elena's business firm in Russia has been caught in a financial scandal similar to Joe's and she learns that she would be arrested as soon as she returns home. To save Elena, Joe asks her to marry him in order to become a U.S. citizen.


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