Mel Marries Joe
Season 2, Episode 15
Mel Marries Joe
Air date August 29, 2012
Written by Stefanie Leder
Directed by Rob Schiller
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"From Russia with Love"
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Mel Marries Joe is the fifteenth episode in season two of Melissa & Joey, and the 45th episode of the overall series. It first aired on August 29, 2012.


Wedding plans are coming into place for Joe and Elena, while Mel is still skeptical of their "green card marriage". When an immigration officer shows up at the house under suspicions of a scam, Mel tells him that she, as a councilwoman, is willing to perform the ceremony in order to make it look legitimate. She lends Elena an old wedding dress and it turns out that Mel had been engaged once before. On the big day, Mel is reluctant to go through with the ceremony, possibly due to a mix of her skepticism and her feelings for Joe. In the end, Joe marries Elena with the feeling that it is true love after all, but later, Elena receives a call that prompts her to fly back to Russia in order to testify for one of her innocent colleagues. Mel and Joe are left in the suite and the two toast to the next "Mrs. Longo", wherever she may be.