Mother of All Problems
Season 2, Episode 12
Mother of All Problems
Air date August 8, 2012
Written by Larry Reitzer
Directed by Jeff Melman
Episode guide
"A Pair of Sneakers"
"Wherefore Art Thou Lennox"

Mother of All Problems is the twelfth episode in season two of Melissa & Joey, and the 42nd episode of the overall series. It first aired on August 8, 2012.


Mel's mother, Monica, has come to visit and it's clear that she does not have a great relationship with Mel or her grandchildren, as she always criticizes everyone. Joe has a talk with her and accidentally convinces her to divorce Mel's father, who has been cheating on her with a much younger woman. Not wanting to participate in gym class, Lennox goes along with her teacher's assumption that she is pregnant, which gets out of hand.


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