Stephanie Krause




late twenties


Mel's legislative assistant


unnamed father (locksmith)

First appearance

Up Close and Personal


Lucy DeVito

Stephanie is a former intern and council woman Mel Burke's legislative assistant. Even though she is only responsible for scheduling Mel's appointments, photo ops and various other administrative tasks, she goes above and beyond for her boss, frequently getting caught up in Mel's personal life at home with Joe and the kids.


Stephanie is a petite woman with a very high-strung personality. She is cheery and easily exciteable and a bit of a people-pleaser. She is thoroughly dedicated to her job and doesn't seem to have much of a personal life outside of being Mel's assistant. She is Mel's closest confidant and friend outside of the house, and usually has good advice to offer (and an odd personality quirk or remark to go with it).

Still, as loyal as Stephanie tries to be, she can be easily intimidated and isn't very good at keeping secrets.


Joe LongoEdit

Stephanie makes no secret of her crush on Joe and often makes awkward advances and comments towards his person. Joe doesn't return her admiration, though he is not above manipulating her affections in order to get information from her on Mel when he needs it. When Joe temporarily took an office manager position at Mel's office in Play Ball, Stephanie was one of the many office personnel who found him terribly overbearing and begged Mel to do something about him.

Mel BurkeEdit

Stephanie is Mel's personal assistant and is also her closest friend outside of the house, a role which she seems to take just as seriously as her job. She admires Mel and openly expresses that she wishes she could be just like her. Despite her own crush on Joe, Stephanie also seems to think that maybe there's something going on between Mel and her former-commodities-broker-turned-nanny.


  • Her wing span is petite
  • She once celebrated her birthday in a supply closet.
  • Mel is her favourite boss
  • She enjoys single's night dodgeball
  • In high school, she was called 'Stretch', which was apparently an irony


  • "Oh, your date cancelled? How horrible. Whatever will you do?"
  • "Honey, it's me, your wife, from our marriage!" - 1.17
  • '' It Looks Better Than Before''

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