MelissaJoey 2-01 02
Gender Female
Age early 30s
Birthday Unknown
Family & Friends
Spouse Joe Longo (divorced)
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Friends Unknown
Production Information
First appearance Enemies With Benefits
Portrayed by Megan Hilty

Tiffany is Joe's busty and well-coiffed ex-wife. She is bubbly and overly-saccharine and frankly, not too bright. She is also rather shallow, seeing as she left Joe as soon as he lost the means to support her and her high-maintenance lifestyle, which included a few plastic surgery procedures. However, she isn't all cold and still seems to have a few lingering feelings for her ex-husband, having some trouble letting him go completely.

She is mentioned in the Pilot and in Moving On but makes her first on-screen appearance in Enemies With Benefits during which she and Joe briefly rekindle their romance. After a pregnancy scare in the same epsiode, Tiffany considers getting back with Joe. Thankfully, Mel intervenes and points out that the two of them are heading in completely different directions in their lives

Tiffany makes another appearance in Mel & Joe's Anniversary during which Joe confronts her about using their long-standing reservation at their special restaurant to entertain (what he assumes to be) another date. It turns out she was accompanied by two friends who didn't want her to be alone on her anniversary. After the mix-up is cleared up, she and Joe have a quick fling but it doesn't seem like the two of them are getting back together any time soon.

She is mentioned again in the episode Mel Marries Joe